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Hello Harrison (By Wolfcamp, out of Hello Matilda by Roar 1-31-18)

Autumn Slumber (By Slumber, out of Danseuse Volante by Danehill Dancer 2-13-18) - SOLD

Stormy Moon (By Lightnin N Thunder, out of Sly Moon by Malibu Moon 2-19-18)

Kennedy J (By James Street, out of Jackie K by Curlin 2-25-18)

Ohh Lil' Jeannie (By James Street, out of Ricspretentiousgal by Kela 2-27-18)

Unusual Breeze (By James Street, out of Temperature Rising by Unusual Heat 3-7-18) - SOLD

Hidden Silver (By Hidden Blessing, out of From Gray to Gold by One Way Love 3-8-18)

Sequeeker (By Sequoyah, out of FireNDesire by Blazonry 3-14-18)

Versalles(By Hidden Blessing, out of Cacciadiavoli by Danehill 3-18-18)

Secret Charger (By Hidden Blessing, out of Tale Me No Secrets by Tale Of The Cat 4-13-18) - SOLD

Blushing Honey (By Hidden Blessing, out of Fabulous Faith by Broken Vow 3-23-18) - SOLD

Amarro (By James Street, out of She's Discreet by Discreet Cat 3-19-18) - SOLD

Doyano What I Mean (Name changed to MARCH MAGIC)- (By Lightnin N Thunder, out of Capraia by War Chant 3-18-18) -SOLD

Artful Dawn ( By James Street, out of Artful Launch by Artax 3-21-18) - SOLD

Calloway (By Wolfcamp,out of Miss Puffins by Birdstone 4-23-18) - SOLD

Paris Nights (By Metaboss, out of Oriental Cruise by Orientate 4-29-18) - SOLD

Remus Maximus (By Hidden Blessing, out of Lovable Cat by Tale Of The Cat 5-9-18)

Sir Indy (By James Street, out of Here We Be by A.P. Indy 5-30-18)