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Blue Diamond Horseshoe Breeding, Sales & Racing

Brent and Renee' first met Mike and Debbie through a horse, Wharped, that Brent & Renee' had acquired. Mike was looking for that exact bloodline and found them' through Wharped. ​Wharped became one of the broodmares at Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC in Aguaga, Ca. Soon after a friendship and working relationship evolved. Who could have known that in a little over a year later Brent and Renee would join forces with Mike and Debbie in Aguanga. Both Brent and Renee' have a strong background in Dressage, and still compete in local competitions. They enjoy trail riding in the hills and at the beach. All of the horses are taught basic Dressage principles and ridden out on trails as well. Together they handle all of the youngsters from the time they are born until the time they leave for the track. In all of their wildest dreams they never thought they we be working in this industry, with people who have become family, enjoying every minute. In 2016 Mike and Debbie presented them with the first foal that Wharped had at their facility. Wolfy's Consortium, a colt. Now, they had ownership in a race horse. Both Renee' and Brent feel like this life is truly a blessing and a dream come true.