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We are so excited! Our Fodder System is shipping from Australia and is on it's way! We can't wait to share its arrival with you and answer any questions you might have. You can learn a lot more about it by clicking here.  Here is a little "blurb" about it from their site. "Feeding sprouts can replace 100% – 60% of your current hard feed diet. Horses that need a high starch feed will require a supply of starch from conventional feed such as steamed flake barley. The high moisture content of sprouts benefits digestion and recovery after work. For digestive health it is recommend that a horse consumes a min. of 1.5% of its body weight as dry matter. This needs to be considered when calculating the required roughage to balance your horse’s diet when feeding spouts.

Digestive Tract Equine PDF (80 KB)

Due to the high nutritional value of the spouts, using the sprouts mat as the primary nutritious feed for your horse removes the dependence for  often expensive prime lucerne. Alternatively, you are able to offer your horse grassy hay or even straw, for roughage while feeding the sprouts" Click here to read entire article: 

Watch a video of how it grows here