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46090 Jojoba Hills Road (Jojoba Road)

Aguanga, CA 92536

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Mike 909-518-0018 Owner

Laurie Reott has cared for horses and many other animals for over 30 years. She worked at a Veterinarian Clinic with not only horses and small animals, but with exotic animals too! She brought her love for horses and veterinary experience and joined us in July of 2018. If you ask her what she enjoys most about working here, she will tell you it is her "dream job." She loves and adores the babies and she is influential in helping them learn to get groomed and eat cookies.  Laurie spends a lot of time grooming and braiding everyone. She even enjoys cleaning pens because she gets to pet the horses and look at them for any injuries. Basically - everything she does here is her favorite thing.  Laurie has always jumped in and helped with anything we need. That includes digging up broken pipes, fixing broken lines, graining, loading hay, feeding, building fences, helping vaccinate and microchip, etc.  In her off time she takes care of abandoned kitties/puppies.. you name it, she saves it. Laurie has a big heart for animals, and truly loves the horses here. She has a busy life between work, saving and nursing abandoned animals back to health, and being a Mom and Grandma. She is a great asset to our team and has found her niche here. We are glad to have her. She is Renee's right hand girl. Laurie knows each and every horse and spends her "free time" grooming them. She also spends her time cutting up Apples from the Apple trees grown here and feeding them to everyone. The horses love and adore her.

Laurie Reott

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