Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC

46090 Jojoba Hills Road (Jojoba Road)

Aguanga, CA 92536

Renee' 805-835-5559 Farm Manager

Brent 805-712-3840 Farm Manager

Mike 909-518-0018 Owner

So, how did this team come together? People ask us that question all the time. In about 2014 Renee' and Brent were living in Paso Robles, CA. Mike and Debbie were living in Chino Hills, but had already begun putting their farm together. Renee' got a call from a friend asking her to help save a mare. The mare belonged to a breeder that was getting out of the business and was "getting rid of" his herd. This mare was one of the on site veterinarian's favorite girls. She was a Thoroughbred. We were showing Dressage and Cutting horses and had no experience in the world of Racing at the time. It was important to her friend to save this horse. So, Renee' agreed and brought her home. After looking up her pedigree Brent and Renee' realized that she would make someone a great broodmare. They learned how to use eNick and looked into breeding. Her first match was an A+++ to a stallion named James Street and another named Wolfcamp. During all of this Renee and Brent started training for a new client, one that had race horses. She explained how costly it would be to get into doing this and they decided to find the mare a good home that would take care of her and maybe breed her. In order to ensure she got a serious home, Renee' listed her for sale with a higher than usual price. Soon after she got a call from Mike Tippett. He was looking for this pedigree and wanted to breed her to his stallion. Remember, Renee and Brent weren't into this industry very far yet. Mike never mentioned his farm name and Renee' never thought to ask. They talked for a long time and he was so nice and loved his horses so much that Renee' felt like he was perfect for this mare. She told him who she wanted to breed her to and explained why she hadn't done that. Her and Brent gave the mare to Mike. There was never an intent to collect money for her, just to find her a perfect home. Mike sent a truck to pick her up and had decided to send three of his young horses for them to start. So the relationship began. 

A few weeks later a packet came in the mail from Blue Diamond Horseshoe. When Renee' opened it up there was a note from Mike and his wife Debbie. Thanking us for the mare, and in that packet were stallion sheets for none other than James Street and Wolfcamp. Both owned by Blue Diamond Horseshoe. Renee and Brent still laugh about that day! Mike bred her to Wolfcamp that year. She foaled in April of 2016. A colt. They invited Brent and Renee' down to the farm to see him and to pick up some more horses to start. The foal was so adorable, of course. Once they had seen the colt and loved on him. Mike said that he and Debbie would like to thank them for giving them the mare and would in turn like to give them this colt. 

Shortly after that the management at Blue Diamond Horseshoe moved on and away from the horse industry. The team had been building since 2014. In August of 2016 Brent and Renee' sold their farm and moved to Blue Diamond Horseshoe in Aguanga, CA. The rest is now history. Over the years they have all become not only friends but family too. It is a bond that will never be broken. 

​​​​Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC.

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