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Blue Diamond Horseshoe Breeding, Training, Sales & Racing

We spend a lot of time selecting which Stallion to breed to which mare. Once that decision has been made and we have a healthy, well bred foal born; that's when the real work begins. Mike and Debbie spend many hours naming these foals. All horses have a "barn name"  They really try to pick the best name that will let people know their breeding, and try to incorporate it so a piece of it can be used for their barn name. An enormous amount of time is spent with the foals from the day they are born. They learn at an early age how to be polite and how to behave. This is done so that their lives and future training is easier for them. It is a very smooth transition for them to go from being a young horse to becoming a horse in training. Our horses enter training at different ages. We base this decision on their bodies and minds. Since we know that not all horses continue racing their entire life, we start all of our horses to be riding horses. When their career in racing is over, for whatever reason, they have a really easy time going back to their basics and becoming riding horses with good minds. Some of them go on to become broodmares, breeding stallions, trail horses, three-day eventers, dressage, pleasure, etc. Owning, breeding and selling horses take a solid team. We feel we have a great team, everyone works together for the greater good of the horses. The horses are loved and pampered by everyone our team.  In Mike and Debbie's very first interview in 2014 Mike said, " I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing. It's the last thing I think about at night, and the first thing I think of in the morning." That statement still holds true today. 

Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC offers high quality Thoroughbreds.. We pride ourselves on not only beautiful horses, but also excellent confirmation, pleasing personalities, the ability to run, and the want to win. We not only offer breeding to our highly sought after stallions, but we also offer up offspring for sale every year.  We offer Thoroughbred race horses for sale. Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC breeding/sales and Blue Diamond Horseshoe, LLC race horses

A note from us, to you

We hope you enjoy our site. While this is our business, it is a big part of our lives; a part that each and everyone of us enjoy. The horses, and our team members are all very near and dear in our hearts. Our team has become a family. When building this site we wanted you to enjoy our horses and get to know all of them and us. We love giving tours and introducing our horses to you in person. Hope to see you at the track and at our facility.